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Hello there,

This thread is to explain to people what we want in a prospective member. We don't have many requirements and neither are they difficult to comply with,

1) Don't be an arse. - You have to understand that attitude is important and we will not tolerate rudeness to other fellow members. If you have a problem with anyone let an Officer know and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

2) Willing To Learn - You don't have to be an expert dungeon runner when you join us but be willing to learn from us.

3) Check this website - It's hard to manage a guild with the complete joke of a guild management system in GW2 so please check this site even if it's to use the shoutbox.

4) The generic don't forget to have fun.

Please be noted upon joining you will be placed in a sort of 'Trial' rank where you will be evaluated and after a period of time will be promoted to full member if you meet our requirements.

Have A Good One,

Gotta Pug Em All! GULD WARS 2!
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