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Envoy / Apr 26, 2014
The following people have donated their hard earned gold to the noble cause of researching guild missions. This thread is created to honour their generosity. On the behalf of the guild we give our most sincere thanks to these people.

Diaz - 270 Gold

Jalarien - 100 Gold

TricksterFoxy - 100 Gold

Ather - 50 Gold

Khirico - 25 Gold

Indi - 20 Gold

Owen - 20 Gold

Sanji - 10 Gold

Mangup - 3 Gold

Jordan - 2 Gold

Total gold donation: 400 / 1000 Gold (We do not need all 1000g but this just speeds up the process)

If you would like to donate, send any amount above 1 Gold to either Foxx or Tom.

Envoy / Apr 19, 2014

Our Purpose as A Guild.

Our Aim:
This guild was made for the purpose of smooth and quick dungeons runs for everyone in a closely knit community and relaxed environment, where skill is of secondary importance and the willingness to learn and improve one’s own skills are priority.

1) Be a team player - You have to understand that attitude is important and we will not tolerate rudeness to other fellow members.

2) Willing To Learn – being an expert dungeon runner is not required to join us but be willing to learn.

3) Check the guild website - It's hard to manage a guild with the guild management system in GW2 so please check this site even if it's to use the shoutbox.

4) Never forget to enjoy yourself.

5) Be willing to represent us unless you have a reason which you notify an Officer or Leader.

The guild is to be composed of varying ranks. The responsibilities of each is detailed below:

Jalapeno Pepper:
The rank of a leader in the guild. Has the responsibility of ensuring that Jalapeno Pepper is a comfortable environment to run dungeons in and to forge a strong community through this guild.

The rank of offcer in the guild. These members have the duty of ensuring members are following the guilds rules and to give suggestions and voice concerns to improve the guild

Anaheim Pepper:
The rank of a Senior Member, rather than time in the guild being a factor, this rank is the sign of someone who should actively help make groups within the guild to run dungeons or even do roaming or Team Queue in PVP.

Red Chile:
The basic member rank in the guild.

Sweet Bells:
The trial rank of the guild.

Whilst the above responsibilities apply to their respective ranks, it is the ideal of this guild to have a community feel to it, and as such, there should not be any disparity in the way a member is treated based on his/her rank.

Our Trial:
Our trial process will be one that tests not just the current skill level of the interested party but as a judge for his/her willingness to listen and contribute to the group he or she may be in.

Phase 1
The Trial Process will start with an evaluation run in either a FOTM or a four man run of Arah Path Three. Skill level is only a minor component that will be judged during the trial. We will, however, judge the trialling party's attitude and willingness to learn here. The trial is conducted by any willing members in the guild who is confident in the instance used for the evaluation. Should the trial be approved he/she will be given rank of 'Sweet Bells' (Trial Rank)

Phase 2
The trial will stay as a Sweet Bell for a period of one-two weeks to be further evaluated. Upon the end of the one week ONE Leader, ONE officer and THREE members of any rank shall give their opinions on the trials attitude and performance, followed by a YES for an approval or NO for disapproval of the Trial. The majority vote will be taken as the deciding factor for phase 2. Should phase 2 be approved, the trial will be promoted to the rank of full member.

Envoy / Apr 16, 2014
This guild was created initially out of a need to keep contact with friends. How and where this will go is a unknown but one thing for sure is we need members interested in learning to do dungeons effectively but not to the extremes that we forget to have fun. If you're a Guild Was 2 player who wants a dungeon guild, whether to learn the ropes or to join this hopefully one day strong community, please mail InfinitySoul.9240

Have A Nice Day,